Timeless Pro Skin Care Device

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Boost your skin care routine at home with this multiple modes;  Radio Frequency, LED light therapy in rotating LED colors, ElectroMuscular Stimulation.  Light-weight and easy to use, this device is even travel friendly.  Use the Timeless Pro during your virtual facial appointment. This device is painless and there is no "recovery" time.  You can use it and immediately apply makeup and go out in public.  

Radio Frequency, LED light therapy (red and infra-red) are known for beautifying the appearance of the skin by encouraging elastin and collagen production in the skin.  ElectroMuscular Stimulation gives the muscles in your face a "mini workout", reminding them to lift the face. Expect a tingling sensation with the EMS setting.

Acne customers can expect improvement in the appearance of the skin with less redness, improvement of scar pigmentation and smoother skin appearance after 30-60 days of weekly use.

 5 in 1 Light Therapy Treatment

BLUE – Kills bacteria which causes acne and reduces inflammation.

GREEN – Dilutes pigmentation, dark spots, freckles, and improves overall skin color.

RED – Accelerates blood stimulation skin cell activity. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Stimulates collagen and elastin. Improves skin firmness and elasticity. 

YELLOW – Stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system, restores the balance of sensitive skin. Treats and reduces rosacea, sun burn and other skin inflammations.

PINK – Revitalizes your skin for a brighter glow. Adds radiance and vitality to dull skin.

FLASHING PINK – Enhances the absorption of the skincare products.

  • Mesotherapy –  Using a special electric pulse current, directly leads the nutrition and rejuvenation into the dermal layer of the skin. While stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, both essential for skin's natural elasticity.
  • EMS- Electroporation – Enhance products absorption. Provides a means to transport collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other serums deeper into the dermal layer of the skin.
  • RF Current –High-frequency waves, effective at improving sagging skin, aging wrinkles, promote lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and boosts collagen production.
  • (LED) photon – LED treatment can minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damage and stretch marks, and reduces redness.


How To Use: Limit use to 10 minutes and do not use more than twice a week.  Immediate firming and lifting appearance is common after just one use.  Full benefits will be seen after 30-60 days of weekly use, depending on the customer's age.

Apply anti-aging serum to clean face. Spritz face with mineralized water or pomagrante tonic. Start on right side of neck in upward circular motions. Focus on the jowl muscles. Work your way up the cheek muscles. Rehydrate skin by spritzing face as needed. You want a slip and glide motion. Slow and steady circulation motion around nasal labial mouth fold. Continue around the orbital eye bone, crows feet, and brow muscle. Circle motions on the forhead. Rehydrate the left side on face with spritz bottle. Repeat. 

Pro Tip: Keep on the lowest setting. Do not over stimulate your muscle. More isn't always better. In this instant less is more. It shouldn't hurt, a small sensation is enough. A good rule of thumb: 20-40 years: setting 1, 40-60 years: setting 2, 60-80 years: setting 3

Pro Tip: Leave on charger for 48 hours. Then take off charger for weekly use. Do no leave on charger until it needs to be charged again. This will help the longevity of the device. 

Contraindications:  Not recommended for customers with cardiac pacemakers or other electronic implant devices. If you have undergone or are undergoing cancer treatment, consult your doctor before using.  Wait 7 days after Botox injections before using.  Wait 60 days after filler injections before using.  Do not use if you have any kind of implanted device, including pace maker, insulin pump or breast augmentation. Consult your dermatologist before using if you have any skin conditions on the area to be treated.  Not recommended for pregnant women.


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