JJ Beauty Skin Care Travel Kit

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A generous, one month supply of JJ skin care products.  Contains:  Acai Berry Cleanser 2 0z, Pomegranate Hydrating Tonic 2 0z, Calming Serum 0.25 oz, Phyto Apple Stem Cell Serum 0.25 oz, Glycolic Sugar Serum 0.25 oz, CoEnzyme Q10 Cranberry Creme 0.5 oz, Sun Shield 0.5 oz, Retinol Night Creme 0.5 oz, Eye Creme 5 g.

In this kit, you will have 3 serums to use. If you are not using a serum as part of your skin care routine, you are cheating yourself of the best results! ⁠

So many women skip serums because they usually cost more than moisturizer.⁠

But, serums are very concentrated and they are designed to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin.⁠

Most moisturizers just sit on the surface of the skin (unless it is a therapeutic grade product).⁠

If you want to improve your skin appearance, the product must be strong and able to penetrate into the skin.⁠

Serums are usually used to treat issues like pigmentation, fine lines, loss of elasticity and other visible signs of damage.⁠

Skin serums are also created to provide valuable protection to prevent premature aging and imbalances.⁠

I recommend having two serums, one for night and one for day, so that your skin is getting therapy from difference sources at different times. Similar to eating a good, balanced breakfast and a nutritious dinner. ⁠

Although serums can be pricey, you only need a few drops, so a bottle will last you a long time.⁠

I am happy to recommend a serum for you! Let me know what you want to improve in your skin.⁠