Calming Serum

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This Peptide enriched anti-aging serum encourages healthy skin balance and an overall sense of calm. It hydrates and nourishes the skin while providing intense barrier protection through the use of natural humectants, botanical skin conditioning and soothing marine derived algae. Even the most sensitive skin will benefit from the special properties of this replenishing serum. 

Just Jill Beauty Calming Serum is the best friend you haven't met yet - for your skin.⁠ This serum sinks deep into the layers of your skin, providing resolution of inflammation and irritation.⁠ A high concentration of hyularonic acid helps your skin rehydrated and hold onto moisture, which is essential for supporting healing.⁠ Hyularonic acid is not an acid like lactic acid, glycolic acid or acids that are used in skin peels.⁠ It is actually found in all living tissue and is vital for structural support for both plants and animals.⁠⁠ This amazing ingredient is sourced from organic plants.⁠ Hyularonic acid holds up to 1000x it's weight in water, keeping your skin cells plump, soft and supple.⁠ Calming Serum also contains two powerhouse ingredients that soothe the skin: Aloe Vera and Arnica montana extracts.⁠

Organic. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Gluten Free. 

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    So soothing

    Posted by Michelle on Jul 19th 2021

    This is my favorite Just Jill skin care product! I have not found another hyularonic serum that feels as good as this one. It works so well to make my skin feel moist and reduce the appearance of fine lines. As a plus, it is calming on contact, for any skin irritations.